Sludge treatment:


We provide Bioremediation treatments for the decomposition and deodorization of organic sludge and others.

“Bioremediation degrades in a biochemical way organic substances and transformes it into H20, CO2 and similar compounds”

This preparation is a mixture of natural bacterial strains not genetically modified, non-pathogenic, yeast and nutrients that guarantee a broad spectrum of action, rapid acclimation to the system, security, compatibility with present biomass and maximum efficiency in any type of installation and relative ecosystem.

It degrades completely oils, fats of animal and vegetable origin, surfactants, fiber, sugars, starches present in the substrate to be treated and performs a synergistic action in many of the contaminants in wastewater. It is also an optimal antagonist of filamentous formations.

These bacteria work under anaerobic conditions with excellent results.

This preparation is indicated for the treatment of:

  • Beds oxidation
  • Sewage in river beds or standing water
  • Water retained in industrial processes or debugging
  • Biocilindros
  • Biodisks
  • Tanks equalization
  • Various Leachate

In accordance with the following regulations and decrees:

  • Reg. CE648/2004 31/03/2004
  • Reg. CE2092/91 24/06/1991,
  • Dir. 99/45/CE, Dir. 2001/18/CE

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