Decontamination from hydrocarbons

We offer decontamination services of areas affected by oil and derivatives via bioremediation, our treatments can be applied in many areas: soil, ground, marine, port waters, sandy, rocky areas or any area or surface that is in which have a minimum amount of free oxygen. 
The elimination of waste from hydrocarbons is frequently mistaken for its simple transportation and relocation. In many cases the pollution of environment is changed, from the soil to the atmosphere, from the water to the soil and from the soil to the water

“Bioremediation is used to remove debris from decomposing hydrocarbons and reducing them to harmless compounds.”

The preparation is a lyophilized Petroleolítico Biopulcher containing a high concentration of bacteria per gram petroleolíticas, to which are added mineral components which are a blend of conventional nutrient KPN (Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium).

The BIOPUCHER Petroleolitico is a lyophilized preparation containing a high concentration of petroleolíticas bacterias per gram, to which are added mineral components that are a mix of habitual agricultural nutrients (Potassium Nitrate -°©‐ KNO3, Ammonia Monophosfate -°©‐ NH4HPO4 and Ammonium Nitrate -°©‐ NH4NO3

The final preparetion in aqueous medium is sprayed by injection pumps, the corresponding soil surface is irrigated or inoculated by infusion in subsurface areas affected. In marine environments it is dispersed on the contaminated surface. 
This bacteria breaks down hydrocarbons and derivatives in a total and irreversible way in ecologically neutral compounds, mainly CO2, H20 as well as organic waste. This bacterium is capable of degrading completely gasoil.

To facilitate the efficiency of the treatment following steps are needed:

  • Investigation and characterization of substrate and site.
  • Analysis and choice of the “bio reinforcement” to be applied.
  • Design the more convenient application system.
  • Running the system or selected bioremediation systems
  • Sampling Periodically -Extraction maintaining a reference sample
  • Analysis and evaluation of controls for monitoring and corrections where necessary.
  • Analysis of results and edition of the final report.

The Biopulcher method has the approval of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Spain and the Directorate General of the Merchant Marine.

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