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Say goodbye to unwanted smells!

With Biopulcher CNB you can enjoy a fresh environment without worrying about leaving unwanted traces.

Common questions answered on Biopulcher CNB

Yes, Biodor Control CNB and Biopulcher CNB are the same product. Originally marketed as Biodor Control in Spain, we decided to use our company name, Biopulcher, for global distribution.
No, Biopulcher CNB is an odor neutralizer specially designed for cannabis and tobacco odors. It does not mask the odor, it eliminates it completely leaving a soft ambient fragrance.

It is a harmless polymer containing a series of liquid odor neutralizers based on non-toxic Natural and Natural Identical Oils. These odor neutralizers are evaporated to create molecules that remain in the air coming into contact with odor molecules and neutralizing them.

If you want more information about our odor neutralisation technology please visit the following link.

Odors are indeed caused by chemical compounds, and odor neutralizers work by breaking the chemical bonds between these molecules, effectively neutralizing the odor.
The duration will depend on the temperature, the air flow and the evaporation surface. The product is highly effective for 1-2 months, then it may continue to work but the effectiveness decreases.
  • It is the most effective formulation on the market.
  • The different formats allow us to eliminate odor from large indoor surfaces or from the air before going outside.
  • Long lasting.
  • Easy to use.
  • Non-toxic for humans and plants.
It will depend on the intensity of the odor and the volume of air, but as a reference:
  • The 33 gram format: Removes odor from spaces up to 50 m2.
  • The 200 gram format: Eliminates odor from spaces up to 250m2.
  • The 800 gram format: Eliminates odor from spaces up to 800 m2.
The 200 and 800 gram formats need forced air to cover these superficies (place them inside the air extraction/ventilation ducts).
The odor neutralizers contained in Bioplcher CNB are not toxic, they are volatile molecules that stay in the air, they cannot condense and affect plants. We are working with an accredited laboratory in order to certiuficate the harmlessness on plants.
Yes, as an additional benefit Biopulcher CNB eliminates to a lesser extent household and body odors.
Yes, it is a safe product, there may be people allergic to some component or that it creates irritation. To avoid contact with the skin, the gel of 33 grams is wrapped in a breathable cloth.

Currently, you can find Biopulcher CNB at our distributors and also at our Online Store.

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