Biopulcher CNB

Completely removes the smell

Biopulcher CNB

Biopulcher CNB (Biodor control) is specially designed to eliminate tobacco and cannabis odors.

It is a solid gel that contains different odor neutralizers and inhibitors that, when evaporated, become gaseous and remain in the air until they come into contact with the odor molecules and eliminate them.

Due to its innovative technology and high concentration of active ingredients, the 33-gram format is more effective and longer lasting than similar 400-gram products that exist in the market.

The evaporation rate depends on the evaporation surface, temperature and air flow.

Completely removes the smell, instead of masking it.

Biopulcher CNB (Biodor Control), the perfect ally for completely eliminating tobacco and cannabis odor. With its advanced formula, the air is left clean and fresh in just a few minutes.

Say goodbye to those persistent odors! With this product you can enjoy a fresh environment without worrying about leaving unwanted traces.

Whether in your home, vehicle, or any enclosed space this is the ultimate solution. Forget about sprays and air fresheners that only mask odors. With our product, you eliminate them completely!



This version is formulated to leave as little residual odor as possible after use. Its advanced, high-eficiency formula acts directly on odor molecules, neutralizing them completely. Enjoy a pleasantly fresh environment free of unwanted odors.


Do you prefer a touch of fresh scent in the environment? The eucalyptus version of our Biopulcher CNB Gel is designed to leave a soft eucalyptus scent. It not only eliminates unwanted odors, but also brings a pleasant fragrance that transforms the sensation of the space.

Say goodbye to unwanted smells!

 With Biopulcher CNB you can enjoy a fresh environment without worrying about leaving unwanted traces.

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