About our company


About our company

Biopulcher is a company that advocates for eco-sustainable technologies.

We specialize in Bioremediation treatments and the manufacturing of odor eliminators.

Our products are eco-sustainable and non-toxic.


In 1979, Russian scientists were able to isolate a bacterium called “pseudomona putida”. They discovered that this microorganism has the ability to degrade hydrocarbons.

Jordi Vila, founder of Biopulcher, met these scientists and imported this technology to Spain.

For years, he invested a lot of time and resources in carrying out tests with universities and research centers until he was able to produce the bacteria on an industrial scale and to approve the Biopulcher method to strive against hydrocarbon contamination.

Evolution and development

Biopulcher is the heir to the know-how experience of the companies Ecoservicio S.A., Qm & Unicom, and Qmtecnic that, since 1990, start in Spain several works and bioremediation tests. We were endorsed for numerous treatments: Campsa (1992), Aegean Sea desaster (La Coruña 1992). Followed by works and tests in Repsol factories, meso-scale works in the island of Sálvora (Vigo 2003), in the Prestige disaster (2002), trials in ports (Vilanova i la Geltrú 2004 and Generalitat de Catalunya), as well as diverse treatments performed on rocks, land and subsoil (Montserrat in 2004, Pyrenees, Fuerteventura, Burgos among others).
It is worth noting the achievement of the large scale treatment that Biopulcher carried out during 2018 in Gran Tarajal Harbor (Fuerteventura).

Odor removers

In 2014, Biopulcher carried out the first odour elimination treatment through bioremediation in the project ‘Environmental Recovery of the Segura River.’ This project was awarded the Aqueduct of Segovia Prize by the Spanish Association of Engineers.

Since then, Biopulcher has developed a range of odour elimination products in liquid and gel formats. These eco-sustainable and non-toxic products are highly effective in eliminating odours, from industrial to domestic settings.

Our R&D department is at the forefront of odour neutralization and inhibition technologies, ensuring excellent results against any type of odour.

Biopulcher Staff

Meet our team

Jordi Vila


Businessman and inventor with more than forty years of experience in the industrial sector. He is also the promoter of this activity since 1990 when Russian technology was imported.

Adam Vila


Higher studies in commerce and marketing, master MBA in the direction of small and medium enterprises (INSA business school).

Anna Magrané

Head of production

15+ years’ production management expertise, driving efficiency and excellence globally.

Albert Campos

R+D Technical Manager​

Chemical Engineer from IQS.
Master’s degree from ESADE Business School.
Production Director and Industrial Director at Spontex worldwide for 20 years.
Holder of over 30 patents across various sectors.

Alexandra Pera

Technical Manager of Bioremediation

Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnologist and Biochemist in Spain. Master’s degree in quality, environment and occupational risk protection.

Manel Rosales​

Operational Team Leader

Essential for smooth operations, our team ensures productivity and maintains high standards.

Juanma Gimper

Digital Project Manager

Over 20 years of experience in digital project management and marketing strategies

Jose Magliarisi

Sales team

Our Sales Team builds customer relationships and identifies new opportunities, ensuring exceptional service and support.

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Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canary Islands, Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, USA

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