Montserrat Mountain

Decontamination of a gasoline waste in the montserrat mountain through bioremediation


In 2004, six tons of diesel oil came out of an aquifer in the Sant Geroni wall of the Montserrat mountain. They came from a leak in a tank that fed a generator set at the top.

The diesel oil infiltrated and exited the vertical wall for about 80 meters from the peak and 220 meters from the ground, impregnated the stone and the lands of vegetable origin at different levels of the base. Six to seven tons of inoculum were prepared in its basic formulation enriched with nitro phosphates for agricultural use. It was dispersed on the wall with the help of climbers and helicopters that previously climbed the inoculum cubitainers to the top.


Runoff soaked the topsoil bases whose initial samples gave the following contents A1=224,3mg on dry soil, A2=33,2 mg A3=56,2mg A4=135,1mg.

In 129 days after a single treatment, the indices were reduced as follows A1=0,28mg on dry soil: A2=0,06 mg A3=0,04mg A4=0,025mg.

Photo gallery of the Montserrat Mountain operation