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The constant growth of the population and the proximity of residential areas to industrial zones have heightened public and institutional concerns regarding odor issues.

The first Spanish regulations addressing odor pollution have already come into effect, affecting the majority of sectors.

We specialize in the control and neutralization of bad odors in all types of industries. We offer customized solutions to prevent and control bad odors before they become a significant problem.

We neutralize bad odors in composting plants, municipal solid waste (MSW) collection plants, and landfills, improving air quality and strengthening community relations.

We are experts in eliminating bad odors from wastewater; both at the industrial level, such as treatment plants, ponds, or lagoons, and at the urban level, including channels or sewers, among others.

We provide effective odor control solutions for the transportation sector, creating odor-free environments.

Biopulcher eradicates unwanted odors in service sector establishments, enhancing customer satisfaction and building loyalty.

We eliminate undesirable odors in livestock housing facilities, enhancing the surroundings and fostering a more pleasant atmosphere.

We provide solutions for controlling bad odors in the transportation sector, ensuring an environment free from unpleasant odors.

Our R&D team will find a tailored solution for the specific odor issue you are facing.