Through Bioremediation

Deodorant treatments

Deodorant treatments

Biopulcher offers deodorization services through bioremediation through a preparation resulting from a mixture of enzymes with essential oils and natural plant extracts (flowers, fruits, plants, etc.) that guarantees rapidity of action, safety and efficacy against the odors dispersed in the air.

Bioremediation completely destroys bad odors leaving the air clean with a soft natural fragrance.

How it works

Many times due to the proximity of waste treatment plants to an urban center (or for other reasons), this is affected by unpleasant odors that lower the quality of life of its inhabitants.

In bad odors caused by decaying organic matter, bioremediation is effective not only to eliminate odor, but also, thanks to the biological activity of the bacteria, it reduces and destroys the organic matter that caused it.

Biopulcher offers a range of odor neutralizers of organic origin that do not mask the odor by covering it with another fragrance, but directly capture the molecule that causes the bad odor and provoke its precipitation and elimination from the air, eliminating the bad smell of the environment.

It is a preparation especially indicated for treatments of:

  • Organic garbage
  • Storage areas for sewage and fecal water
  • Trash bins
  • Muds
  • Collectors and septic tanks
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Culverts
  • Waste treatment plants and composting
  • Leached
  • Any installation or environment affected by odors of organic origin

Biopulcher treatments

Biopulcher offers several services of effective and natural bioremediation.

Treatments to decontaminate polluted environments of any type of hydrocarbons.

Biopulcher offers bioremediation treatment services for the decomposition and deodorization of organic sludge.