Decontamination through Bioremediation


Decontamination of hydrocarbons

Treatments to decontaminate polluted environments of any type of hydrocarbons.

Bioremediation totally and irreversibly eliminates hydrocarbon residues by decomposing and reducing them to harmless compounds.

Our experience

At Biopulcher, we offer tailored-made solutions to decontaminate “in situ” or “ex situ” the spills of hydrocarbons or its derivatives such as gasoline or diesel.

  • Team with 30 years of experience in decontamination on different substrates, using innovative techniques.
  • Techniques such as Biopiles or Landfarming for Bioremediation of contaminated lands.
  • We treat contaminated soil in the subsoil through piezometers
  • Successful treatments on rocks on a large scale in marine environments.

Biopolcher Petroleolític Treatment has been highly effective on any surface provided of free oxygen. The bacteria that form the preparation reproduce themself and degrade the hydrocarbons covering temperature ranging from 4 to 40 degrees. The rapidity of action of the preparation varies depending on the substrate and the environmental conditions in which it is applied.

Bioremediation is the only technology capable of restoring a contaminated environment by hydrocarbons without negatively affecting the ecosystem. It is also a technology that offers a very high cost/efficiency ratio in comparison with all the other traditional techniques of extraction and removal of contaminated waste.

To facilitate the effectiveness of the treatment we follow the following steps:

  • Research and characterization of the substrate and of the site
  • Analysis and choice of what kind of bio-reinforcement to apply
  • Development of the more convenient application treatment to use
  • Execution of the chosen pattern or system of Bioremediation
  • Periodically extraction of samples, to compare with the original ones.
  • Analysis and controls to follow-up evaluation and corrections, if necessary
  • Final analysis of results and development of the final report

Biopulcher treatments

Biopulcher offers several services of effective and natural bioremediation.

Biopulcher offers bioremediation treatment services for the decomposition and deodorization of organic sludge.

Biopulcher offers deodorization services through bioremediation through a preparation resulting from a mixture of enzymes with essential oils and natural plant extracts (flowers, fruits, plants, etc.) that guarantees rapidity of action, safety and efficacy against the odors dispersed in the air.