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Common questions answered on odor elimination

At Biopulcher, we focus on developing and manufacturing products to neutralize and eliminate odors across various sectors.

We develop and implement sustainable solutions to control or eradicate odor problems in all sectors. Our range of Biopulcher products offers an effective and eco-sustainable solution.

We achieve odor neutralization through the interaction of active agents that chemically react with malodorous molecules, reducing olfactory discomfort. We employ various application technologies like nebulization, spraying, atomization, or evaporation, depending on the environment.

Our products are designed to neutralize and eliminate a wide range of unpleasant odors, from industrial to residential, addressing common olfactory issues like garbage, moisture, tobacco, animals, and food. We also have an R&D department capable of tailoring products to each client’s needs.

Our solutions are versatile and applicable across various sectors, including industry, waste management, sanitation, transportation, service sector, stabling, and household. We customize our solutions to meet the specific needs of each sector.

  • Industry: Waste treatment, food manufacturing, energy production, etc.
  • Waste: Composting plants, landfills, waste transfer stations, etc.
  • Sanitation: Sewer networks, treatment plants, pumping stations, etc.
  • Transportation: Vehicles, gas stations, etc.
  • Service sector: Hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.
  • Stabling: Farms, stables, etc.
  • Household: Kitchen, bathroom, etc.

At Biopulcher, we specialize in odor elimination through various application technologies such as nebulization using equipment like Biodor Nebu XXL, Biodor Nebu IN, high-pressure systems.

Our nebulization systems, like Biodor Nebu XXL, generate dry vapor microparticles that effectively neutralize and eliminate odors, providing efficient results with optimized product consumption. Their effectiveness has been proven in industrial treatments and open or enclosed areas.

Yes, Biopulcher products are safe for humans, animals, and the environment, formulated with non-toxic and eco-sustainable ingredients.

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