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Odor Elimination Technology

Our added value stems from comprehensive service, combining high-quality products with appropriate application technology to successfully execute treatments.

Biodor Nebu XXL

Micronization, dry vapor

Biopulcher’s designed and manufactured equipment, Biodor Nebu XXL, operates at low pressure using the Venturi effect to generate fine dry vapor microparticles. These microparticles, which neutralize and inhibit odors, diffuse into the air, effectively eliminating bad odors gas-to-gas. The equipment is compatible with both aqueous and oily products, providing excellent results with minimal product consumption. It includes a built-in scheduler for selecting time intervals and diffusion sequences to optimize performance and consumption. Moreover, this equipment is highly reliable and requires minimal maintenance.

Biodor Nebu IN

Micronization, dry vapor

This compact and lightweight equipment allows us to nebulize products in small indoor spaces. It features remote control capability using a PLC and data card. Biodor Nebu IN can operate with both aqueous and oily products, diffusing them into the environment to effectively eliminate unwanted odors.

Biopulcher High pressure system


High-pressure nebulization technology is commonly applied in treating dispersed airborne odors. The size of the resulting droplets varies depending on the pressure used, ranging from 10 to 120 microns. This technology allows us to cover large distances, dispersing and homogenizing active agents that neutralize and inhibit gas-to-gas odors.

By using a programmer, we can optimize nebulization by adjusting time intervals, start times, and stop times.

Nebulization cannons

Helps to increase the reach of nebulization

The nebulization cannon is the perfect complement for high-pressure equipment that requires extended reach. Nebulizing nozzles spray active agents that neutralize bad odors, and the cannon propels them up to distances of 25-30 meters, covering areas ranging from 100-120m².



At Biopulcher, we take pride in offering comprehensive odor control solutions, and our stainless steel supports are the perfect complement to our anti-odor gels.

These high-quality stands with optimized design ensure greater effectiveness by allowing the gel to evaporate from both sides, providing broader and longer-lasting coverage in odor elimination.

Simplify the placement of our gels in your indoor spaces with Biopulcher supports.

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