El Espinar (Segovia)

Operation on a soil

Decontamination of polluted oil zones due to the accident and disposal of a tanker truck with 32.000L of gasoline


In El Espinar (Segovia) there was a dumping of 32,000 liters of diesel caused by the accident of a tanker. Landscaped parterres, meadows of pastures, soil and the shore of a stream were affected. The preparation of the inoculum was the same for all affected areas according to the standard of Biopulcher protocol.

During this action, it was re-encrusted on different occasions over a period of 6 months, due to the low nocturnal temperatures in the cold months and the daytime dryness in the hot months.

The dispersion was carried out by hose soaking the lands of the landscaped areas and river bank, the land was turned over by tools and tillage equipment.