Island of Sálvora - Galicia

Bioremediation test on the Island of Sálvora – Prestige

Decontamination of an accidental oil discharge in subsoil through bioremediation


In the month of November 2002 took place the well-known accident of the Prestige tanker, which was one of the worst environmental tragedies in the history of Spain. The ship after the accident split in two, dumping thousands of tons of crude on the Galician coast.

The Institute of Marine Research of Vigo (CSIC) was responsible for making a selection between the proposals for mitigation received.
172 companies and institutions from around the world concurred with offers and proposals.

Only 5, plus the IIM institute itself, carried out meso-scale tests in supra-tidal rocks of the Island of Sálvora. The trial and its follow-up were controlled by CSIC.

Only two companies came to sell product, including the current Biopulcher, then with another company name


A wide range of information has been published in the official media out of the results of each proposed approach.
Photo gallery of the bioremediation test on the island of Sálvora after the environmental disaster caused by the accidental spillage of the “Prestige” oil tanker in Galicia