Segura River

Environmental recovery of segura river in Murcia through bioremediation


In the section of the Segura river that crosses the city of Murcia, sludge and sediments were treated for their subsequent dredging and removal. The formulation used here was composed of a cocktail of different anaerobic bacteria and lacteobacteria that reduce the volume of organic matter and eliminate the odor generated by the production of lactic acid.

In the treatment of Segura River bottoms, a very effective vehicular system, never used before in Spain, was used: several clay tiles were prepared (uncooked) using as humectant the saturated inoculum of bacterial load, obtaining a final moisture weight of 26 percent of the total weight.
When anchoring these tiles, one per meter, it was achieved that the release of microbiota was progressive and slow, so that the nearby sludge was easily colonized. More than 100,000 tiles were distributed about 60 days before the extraction began.


The success was incredible: no odors were perceived during the entire process of dredging and transporting the sludge. The Rio Segura Environmental recovery won the 2016 European Riverside Award and the Segovia Aqueduct Award by the Engineers Association of Spain.

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