Sierra Almadén (Sevilla – Spain)

Operation on a cement soil

Decontamination of an accidental oil spill in sevilla through biorremediation


When the contamination is infiltrated in cement or similar substrates, the main difficulty is that, when oil penetrate, they saturate and completely close the pore, preventing the passage of the inoculum in an aqueous saline solution.

In order to maintain a layer of active and wet bacteria on the spot that allowed us to transport the bacteria, a mixture of highly hydrophilic polymers was used since they retain the inoculum for days and thus maintain their constant bacterial activity.

To avoid dehydration by evaporation and insolation, the granulated polymer was covered with a polyethylene film.

This film was stuck to the formwork that retains the saturated polymer of the inoculum so that when evaporation occurs, it is again condensed to maintain humidity.

Photo gallery of the Bioremediation process