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Onda Fuerteventura – Report on the decontamination of the Gran Tarajal Harbor

In the month of July, the cleaning work on the Gran Tarajal Harbor began after the environmental disaster caused by the Emma storm.

Onda Fuerteventura online newspaper has dedicated a wide article on the implementation of the restoration of the port, evidencing the impeccability of environmental monitoring as it is carried out through the Bioremediation Plan that will be active for one year. Likewise, the managing director of Puertos Canarios, Manuel Ortega, explained that up to now 915 meters of barriers have been placed; 130,000 liters of bacteria have been dumped to eliminate the hydrocarbons leaving a biodegradable residue that the fish eat; various absorbent materials have been used such as single-use tapes, absorbent powder on the surface and reusable tapes and barrier absorbents on the surface; and the traditional method of absorbing raw contaminated water by aspiration, which generates thousands of liters of contaminated waste, has been avoided and an innovative method has been adopted that absorbs only hydrocarbons by reducing the volume of contaminating material.

Removal of vessels from the Gran Tarajal dock

Jordi Oliveres talks about the treatment that will be carried out in Gran Tarajal.