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Release of water quality data in the port of Gran Tarajal after Bioremediation

“Puertos Canarios” has announced the first results on water quality in the Port of Gran Tarajal, in Fuerteventura, after the effects of the storm Emma.

With the results of the analytics of the samples obtained, the development of bioremediation techniques was started for which a specific bacterial culture was developed, oriented exclusively to degrade the precise mixture of hydrocarbons detected in Gran Tarajal. These specific bacteria for the degradation of hydrocarbons possess all the certificates of the EU for this type of actions, being designed to act on hydrocarbons so that when they finish to degrade all the available hydrocarbons molecules, they disappear and their organic matter is quickly incorporated by the system. A laboratory was set up to carry out the cultivation of the bacteria for their subsequent contribution to the environment.