Advanced Odor Elimination Solutions

Tired of Unwanted Odors at Home? Practical Tips for a Fresh Environment

Nothing can ruin the feeling of home like persistent bad odors. Whether it's the smell of food, dampness, pets, or any other unpleasant source, combating unwanted odors is essential to maintain a fresh and inviting atmosphere at home. Here are some practical tips for eliminating those bad odors and enjoying a space that smells as good as it looks.

Proper ventilation:
Lack of ventilation is often the primary cause of bad odors at home. Open windows regularly to allow fresh air to circulate and eliminate trapped odors. 

Consistent cleaning:
Keep your home clean and tidy to prevent the accumulation of unpleasant odors. Pay special attention to areas prone to odors, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Clean appliances, disinfect surfaces, and launder bedding regularly to prevent bad odors from settling in.

Remove odor sources:
Identify and eliminate specific sources of bad odors. If the trash is to blame, make sure to empty garbage bins regularly and clean containers with disinfectant. For persistent odors in the fridge, use baking soda or ground coffee to absorb and neutralize bad odors.

Strategic use of fragrances:
Use candles, air fresheners, or essential oils to add pleasant fragrances to your home. Opt for soft and natural scents, such as lavender, lemon, or mint, to avoid overwhelming the environment. 

Fresh air in the kitchen:
After cooking, ventilate the kitchen well to eliminate persistent odors. Clean extractor hood filters regularly and consider using additional fans to improve air circulation while cooking.

Take care of your pets:
If you have pets, keep their spaces clean and wash their accessories regularly. Vacuum and wash textiles where they rest to remove hair and odors that may be released. Also, brush your pets regularly to reduce the amount of loose hair.

What if none of this works?

Many of the above solutions may not fully work as they often just mask or disguise bad odors. For such cases, we recommend using odor neutralizers. These products, unlike air fresheners, completely eliminate the odor by neutralizing the molecules causing it.

At Biopulcher, we specialize in the development of odor neutralizers. Our extensive experience in different sectors has led us to evolve and develop specific products for demanding issues.


To eliminate typical household odors, we recommend the following products:

Biopulcher AIR

Biopulcher AIR is an odor neutralizer specially designed to eliminate body odor in spaces such as bathrooms, offices, gyms, hotels, among others.

Its advanced formula completely eliminates bad odors, leaving a fresh ambient scent.

Available formats: 800g, 200g, and 33g.

Biopulcher CNB

Biopulcher CNB is the ultimate odor eliminator for tackling tobacco and cannabis odors. Two different versions are available in 33, 200, and 800 gram formats.

Neutral Version: This version is formulated to leave the least possible residual odor after use. Enjoy a fresh environment free from unwanted odors.

Eucalyptus Version: The eucalyptus version of our CNB Gel is designed to leave a gentle eucalyptus scent. Not only does it eliminate unwanted odors, but it also provides a pleasant fragrance that enhances the ambiance.

Available Formats: 800g, 200g, and 33g.

Biopulcher PRO

Biopulcher PRO is a highly effective odor neutralizer specially designed to eliminate all types of odors, such as: garbage, pets, food, bathrooms, drains, body odor, toilets, among others.

Its advanced formula completely eliminates bad odors, leaving a pleasant musk scent in the environment.

Available formats: 800g, 200g, and 33g.